The Gavio Group is one of Italy’s top industrial groups, active in fields ranging from motorway concessions and infrastructure construction to transportation, logistics, technology, energy and shipbuilding.

The Gavio Group has a worldwide workforce of approximately 5,600 employees with high-level technical and professional skills, and reports consolidated revenues of about 3.9 billion of Euros.

Backed by many years of experience, the companies in the Gavio Group operate synergetically to deliver excellent results in terms of efficiency, service quality and professional expertise.

The Gavio Group’s core business is motorway concessions where it is the leading operator in north west Italy today, managing a network of some 1,400 km of motorways and 2.1 billion dollars investment plan for 2014/2017 period.

In shipbuilding, the Gavio Group operates through two well-established brands: Baglietto, a long-standing luxury yacht builder, and BERTRAM YACHT, an icon of yachting in the United States.


CCN specializes in the construction of high-performing light alloy, steel and aluminum and composite yachts ranging between 24 and 50 m in length.

Baglietto shipyards are specialized in the construction of aluminium fast yachts and displacement steel and aluminium yachts from 38 to 65 meters long. An Italian tradition of design and quality, together with top level professional skills and facilities, to guarantee an outstanding refitting service.

An icon of yachting in the United States.

In construction and engineering, the group operates through Itinera, its subsidiary in large-scale infrastructure and civil construction projects in italy and abroad, active both as a general contractor and as a promoter of new project finance initiatives.

In engineering, the Group guarantees management of new motorway projects from analysis, promotion and development through to operating start-up. It also provides motorway control and maintenance services.

In road freight, the Group mainly transports petroleum products and containers, with a large fleet of more than 3,000 vehicles (trucks and trailers) and 1,500 employees. In logistics, the Group manages important infrastructures and logistics centres, and also has port concessions in Trieste, Genoa, Civitavecchia and Taranto, as a constructor and operator of docks and terminals.

In technology and information technology, the Group designs, builds and installs advanced transport application systems such as technological facilities for the European motorway network, intelligent toll management systems and infomobility systems.

In energy, the Group is active in electric power marketing and trading, as well as in development of cross-border supply infrastructure.

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